About me

Hi, my name is Victor Ivanov.

I'm a 19 year old snowboarder from Switzerland/Russia.


So here's my story...


The first time I stood on a snowboard was, when I was 5 years old. That's where my story begins...

At this time I also played Ice-Hockey and didn't think much more of snowboarding than a funny activity during the holidays. As time went by I more and more became attracted by Snowboarding as a sport and it began to be interesting. As soon as I got a little into it I watched the TTR-Tour (now WST) as often as I could and then finally made the change after 8 years of Ice-hockey to the new world called snowboarding.

I first started in a small team in Zurich with the Icerippers, but then became a little better during the season and made it on the so called Elite-Team. After that I made it to the Schweizerische Sportmittelschule in Engelberg, where I trained and went to school until the end of the season 2016 / 2017. I soon began to get good results and could even go to Canada for a contest. And this all at my first year at the Sportschool!!! It was such a great time.

Since August 2017 I'm at the Sportgymnasium in Davos where conditions for Snowboard Halfpipe training  are optimal. 

As of  this season I'm on the B-Team  of the Swiss Freestyle Snowboard Teams.  Having won the overall European Cup last year I have the possibility to start in Worldcup events this coming season. I'm excited about the new season and looking forward to it.

© 2015 by Victor Ivanov


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